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distfit is a python package for probability density fitting of univariate distributions on non-censored data. With the Residual Sum of Squares (RSS) we determine the best fit across 89 theoretical distributions for which the best fitted theoretical distribution is returned with the loc, scale, arg parameters. The probability of new data-points can then be assed for significance.

distfit vs. fitdist

The fitdist library is directly build on the distfit library so there are no changes between the two except for naming. If you desire to use the fitdist library thats great! Just change all the examples in this documentation into fitdist. Thats it. Have fun!



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Quick install

pip install distfit

Source code and issue tracker

Available on Github, erdogant/distfit. Please report bugs, issues and feature extensions there.

Citing distfit

Here is an example BibTeX entry:


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