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Erdogan Taskesen

Data Scientist in Statistical Machine Learning

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Curriculum Vitae

See linkedin for my full resume.


My interest are especially in the statistics behind machine learning, and customizing models to let it work in real-world applications. Currently, I am working on causality models, and cyber security.


  1. Fellowship award from the American Society of Hematology(ASH)
  2. KWF academic fellowship award to work at Weill Cornell Medical College, Hematology and Medical Oncology at New York, USA
  3. Fellowship award voor de European Hematology Association (EHA)
  4. 1st prize Best Proof Of Concept.
  5. 1st prize for best poster, Dutch Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Conference (BioSB, Netherlands)


  1. Taskesen E, TU Delft researchers develop tool to group cancer patients and offer tailor-made solutions, 3 May 2016 by Webredactie Communication Delft University of Technology (TUdelft).

  2. Taskesen E, Karin Klauke. De ontdekking van twee extra acute myeloïde leukemie subgroepen door gebruik van een combinatie van genexpressie en DNA methylatie profielen. PUR SANG, het MPN-magazine, jaargang 10, nr. 3, 2013.